This is the life.

Being retired may just be worth all those years of hard work after all. I never thought I would make it through one more day of alarm clocks and late night meetings, but it finally happened for me. Now my retired butt can sit in a reclining chair on the back porch and look out at the…oh, wait.



You guessed it.  Nothing.

You see, my wife doesn’t have much of a green thumb. And I have been working day in and day out for the past million years. So our yard is grass. Patchy grass. And one giant prickly cactus.

This blog is meant to assist us (and you, if you are in the same boat) in changing that. I will share pictures of ideas, lessons – both tried and true and screw-ups along the way and just have fun creating that Better Homes and Gardens sort of space the wife has always nagged me for. In a nice way. She is always nice.

I might also share some grilling recipes. I like nothing more than grilling on a hot night. A good steak, a good beer and a good wife is what this blog is all about.

So stay tuned.


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