Be prepared to have your mouth water.

I am the BBQ Master in my house. If you don’t believe me, I have proof. The wife got me an apron a few years back with those exact words on it.

I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of recipes from corn on the cob to thick and juicy burgers and just about everything in between. I am a big fan of bacon (who isn’t?!) and add it in to most of my recipes. The wife says it will be the death of me, but I don’t listen to her. Kidding, of course. Not about the bacon, though.

One of my favorites items to cook for company are skewers. Because there are so many picky eaters out there, I find that kabobs are an extremely convenient way to serve a variety of foods. Sometimes I lay out all the options in the kitchen as a sort of make your own skewer deal, and other times I just make a variety of sticks with chicken and steak and guests can choose their favorites.

Note for beginning BBQers, I learned a long time ago (from my daughters vegetarian friends) to keep the top rack of the grill dedicated to vegetables. No meat touches that rack and no meat can drip its delicious juices on it, either. As for skewers, always make a couple veg-only sticks and save the good meat for the carnivores.

Sure, you can just buy a couple packs of meat and a few different veggies to skew up – it is hard to go wrong with anything grilled – but check out a couple recipes so you have some great seasoning. You will get more compliments from your guests, and if you are a guy, you know that compliments at a dinner party always make your lady smile.

Here are a couple of good ways to start your kabobing adventures:



A simple, worthwhile kabob with chicken, pineapple and bell peppers spiced with teriyaki.




Steak can’t go wrong when made Hawaiian style. Follow the link to see this recipe that includes orange juice, soy sauce and ginger. This recipe is one of my guests favorites.



Of course I couldn’t let you get away without a recipe that includes bacon. Not only do we have the bacon juices flavoring up these skewers, but the recipe includes chile paste and ranch. Spices matter. If you don’t believe me, try this recipe.


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