I enjoy power tools as much as the next guy, but for some reason or another, a lawn mower just doesn’t cut it.

Technically speaking, yes, it cuts. But unless you give me a ride-along tractor and a beer, the dang lawn mower is just a chore. It has been a chore for me since my mom gave birth to me and my father officially handed down his chore to me. I got a brief sabbatical when my own son was born but he has gone and left to mow his own lawn now.

While I don’t know how to get rid of mowing in its entirety, I do have some ideas to cut back on the effort with a few simple tricks that minimize the boring task of edging. These tricks don’t take very long to accomplish, so you will be up and running in no time. Or sitting, actually. Sitting is good.

Check out these couple of ideas:




In the old days, we placed pavers on top of the soil. New generations are smarter – take a second to dig a path and sink them into the ground. Doing this looks good in the yard and – you guessed it – a mow-over edging. Just be sure to sink the brinks low enough and even so your mower blades don’t clip them.



Another take on the above idea is to sink in river or beach rocks. While the image above shows the rocks butted up against the concrete, you can just as easily create a more elaborate layout anywhere in the yard. Just dig up a trench in any design you wish and place rocks in. You do want to be cautious here – be sure those rocks are really stuck in there good and are heavy enough that your mower wont suck them up. You can consider a very thin layer of concrete under them to act as a glue to hold them in. If you need a bit more stability where you are working, you can sink a low plastic edging on the sides to support the rocks. You will want it low enough so it doesn’t take away from the mow-over technique and so it doesn’t take away from the decorative border.

Trust me, these ideas are completely worth your time and effort. Not only will it make mowing easier, but edging between your grass and flower beds help in keeping weeds out. Less weeding and less chemicals always make life better, am I right?


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