Awesome Moss.


Did you know that moss can be “told” where to grow?

I had no idea until coming across some images/tutorials that show you how to grow moss in between pavers or walkway stones (see recipe link at bottom).

You can even design a little something on a porous surface, like on a wall, then paint moss juice on your design and watch it grow in your pattern.


When I saw these ideas, I thought of my daughter. She would have loved to do a project like this when she was younger.

So I decided to make a garden box that is sort of a canvas for my grand daughter. She is only three, so I am not sure she is old enough to really catch on to the idea just yet, but it is worth a shot. It is really to make her mother smile, I suppose.

I am currently working on this project, and have no pictures to show just yet, but here is the basic plan. I created a three sided box, 3′ x 3′, made with 2″x10″ boards. Before screwing it together, I first used my router to create 3 grooves. Each of the three grooves will act as tracks for three slide-out trays. Each tray will be covered in soil to create a porous surface for moss to grow. The soil is essentially the “canvas” and can be “painted” on with the moss juice.

Because moss grows better in shade than sun, the stacking trays will allow for better growth. At least that is my plan. Once put together, I will screw on a top for the box. I have not yet decided on a plywood or tinted Plexiglas top (Plexi might allow a better greenhouse style effect?).

My thought is that each time they want a new “canvas” they can just replace the soil with a fresh batch.

I know my daughter was always afraid of getting dirty when she was young. But once she got a little muddy, there was no stopping her! So my thought is this would promote playing in the mud and having fun in the outdoors.

What do you think? Does this sound like something a young girl or any child would enjoy?

For a recipe on how to create a moss “paint”, be sure to visit this link from


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