She Always Knows Best.


A yard should be a place that makes you happy.

My wife always showed me ideas of garden landscapes, BBQ areas and fire pits that she found in her ladies magazines. My response was always “Oh yea, look at that” or “One day”. I worked all week and travelled quite a bit for the job, so weekends were my own opportunity to sit down and relax. I did not have any interest in busting my butt with shovels and pavers and concrete when I could be watching the game on my days off.

Now that I am retired, I see what she has seen all these years. A patchy grass lawn with a pile of cactus.

I feel bad that I did not give her (and the kids and me) a better yard years ago. She did quite a bit of work on her own, but she is the one with the vision – not the green thumb. No green thumb at All. Not even a little!

So I guess the point of my rambling on is this: a nice yard takes a bit of time, sure. But learn from me when I say it is worth your time to make it a nice, happy and relaxing space right away. Don’t put it off until you are retired like I did. Had I made the effort all those years ago, I think I could have enjoyed me house a lot more and been able to relax a lot more.

So here is a game plan. Sit down with your wife, or husband and come up with a plan you can both agree on. Treat the yard like any other room in the house – decide who does what, make a budget and don’t leave out the porch swing with a cooler next to it for your cold ones. (If you really like the porch swing in the image above, it is a DIY Project! Visit a great blog called Shanty-2-Chic¬†for the how-to on this.)

Whether you are young or old, you need at place to sit and relax with the ol’ lady. Watch the kids play or watch the grass grow, just relax.

Why the rambling? I guess because I told my wife this morning that I wished I would have worked on the yard a long time ago. Know what she said?

I told you so.

Ha Ha.


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