Funny Bee Stories and Plants That Attract Butterflies.


When choosing plants to grow in my yard, I like to choose varieties that are good for reasons other than “because they look pretty”. There is nothing wrong with choosing plants and flowers that have a practical purpose in your garden. If that happen to be “pretty”, well that is just an added benefit in my book.

The wife is allergic and scared to death of anything that has a stinger, so we are trying to avoid anything that attracts those sorts of critters. Bees, wasps, mosquitoes – if it has a stinger the woman takes off running and screaming. I don’t blame her, I have seen what those stings do to her. I have been stung just a handful of times in my life, but those stinging insects just love her to death. Funny stories:

Last summer she got stung by a bee at the beach. She screamed and cried while I took pictures of the incident before helping her hobble on back to the car. I couldn’t help it, just too darn funny. Another time, she sat on a bee. No joke, the bee went and landed on the seat of the car right as she sat down. She jumped out of the car yelling “It bit my butt, it bit my butt!” and pulled down her skirt to expose her stung butt cheek. The poor old man going for a walk right next to her sure got a sight that day!

Got myself ranting on again. Back to the idea of plants that have a purpose.

While the wife is not a fan off the stinging critters, she does love the butterflies. It is near impossible to find flowers that butterflies like but bees don’t. If there is such a thing, please let me know in the comments. In the mean time, I have found some ideas – listed as images below – for the garden that butterflies like (they like the flowers, of course, but sometimes they will eat the fruit as well) and are also used for cooking up some delicious food. Nothing like a good multi-purpose plant, am I right?


OREGANO Photo: Aidan Brooks Spices


SUNFLOWER Photo: River Bend Nature Center


BASIL Photo: Teenas Pride

green bean

GREEN BEANS Photo: Paracha Farm


PARSLEY Photo: Seed In Context Blog


APPLE TREE Photo: Pahl’s Market


DILL Photo: Powell Gardens


PLUM Photo:


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