Awesome Planter.


I have seen some pretty ridiculous ways to plant flowers.

No offense if it is your style, just speaking my opinion, but come on – an old bike? A baby angel? A bath tub? When walking up a driveway and seeing a lawn or garden with things like this, I immediately want to go home. I feel like your house is going to give me allergies and get itchy all over.

My wife always says “Oh, honey, isn’t that cute?” and my response is usually “Don’t get any ideas” or “Not a chance in hell”. I just don’t understand clutter. Put the old bike in a dumpster or in a museum.

I get that a garden is an extension of your house or your personality. My advice is to stick with a classy look that will not go out of still. Add in your funky decor in small doses that don’t scare away your guests.

The planter shown above is just 14″ x 22″ – small enough to be classy, large enough to show your company that you have a wild side. It is pretty awesome. Available at


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