Testing Your Soil.


Have you ever dealt with soil that just does not seem to grow anything?

Or, maybe you have only had luck growing plants that you have no interest in but got stuck with it because that is truly all that wouldn’t die?

I have lived in several different states in the US, and have dealt with soil that is too moist, too hard, clay-like…you name it. It gets really frustrating when you just want to plant a dang garden and it just won’t take. You may even think it is you – convinced yourself that you just don’t have that green thumb like your neighbor down the block!


If this sounds like you, I recommend you get yourself a soil test kit. There are several different options out there, but what you are looking to do is test your yards pH levels. Different plants need different nutrients to grow. For example, lettuce does best in soil with a pH level around 6.5 while grapes do well around 5.5-6.

Once you use a soil test kit, you may find you have extremely high levels of pH. How to change that? Mix ground sulfur, sold at garden supply stores, in with your soil by following instructions on the sulfer and soil test kits. Adding sand to acidic clay-like sand is also said to decrease the acidity and essentially help to break down the clay.

How do you know what Ph level your plants need? Check with your local garden store, on the growing instructions or search the internet for specific nutrients needed.

Never give up on having your perfect garden – there is Always a solution!


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