Patio Furniture Series: RED.


My wife and I often look at homes that are staged for sale to get ideas for our own house.

One thing we (ok, she) noticed was that many of the newer home have yards with brand new grass and look really well done, but the ones with bright colored patio furniture really stood out and, as she called it, really made “a statement”. So wouldn’t you figure it, we are shopping for new patio furniture.

I thought I would do a small series of posts with different color options of patio furniture to help your own yard make “a statement”. I am going to start off the series with red, as that seems to be the wife’s favorite. Each of the images will have a link under it to help you go about purchasing if you so choose to.



This set can be purchased at, and is my favorite of the bunch. I like the more natural feel of the brown I guess. Plus the chairs look comfortable.

This is the Grandparents Rocker from adirondackchairsonly, which I think is made and named just for me. It sure looks like something I would enjoy. Not a fan of the heart, but the wife is. I guess my head will block it while I am sitting, so it really doesn’t matter.

I will buy this set if it comes with the awesome waterfall. Now this is a yard! Purchase this set at Design Furnishings.

Very Zen like. These pod-like seats are pretty awesome. Seems like a good chair to sit in comfortably with the dog. Get this set at The Classy Home.

Another rocker, this time more of a front porch sitting set. I will take a pitcher of beer with this, thanks. Buy it at Home Depot and apparently they can ship it to your local store for free.




I like the simple design of this set. It is seven pieces to help you arrange them into a big sofa (the couch piece is actually two corner chairs). Can be purchased on Amazon.

I think every guys dream is a hammock and a beer. This is the hammock, now bring me a beer! The thing I like about this is it is handmade by an artist in Ceara, Brazil. It is part of a fair trade program called Novica, which works with National Geographic. This hammock can be purchased where I originally found it, on, or you can check out more like it and a bunch of other fair trade goods like jewelry, clothing, paintings, etc. at

Don’t forget to check back with me as I continue my Patio Furniture colors series!


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