Patio Furniture Series: TEAL.


Today I am continuing the colored patio set series, in the color teal.

Teal is a very modern, hip color and can instantly add a pop of color and a fresh new look to your outdoor space. If you have a pool or hot tub, setting teal furniture next to it can make the water appear brighter and add an illusion of value to your yard, as seen below.

This set, the Monterey Teak Sofa Set, can be purchased at Notice how the bold teal color makes the water appear brighter and the grass appear greener. Teak is always a great way to go with patio furniture as it is a really sturdy wood that looks better and better with age.

The Tropitone Mia Cushion Lounge Set above just makes me want an ice cold beer served with a lime and on of those little drink umbrellas. You can find these sets sold at Patio Furniture Buy.


This Cabana Club Modular with aluminum frame is a very classy look for any modern style home. Set your drink tray on the ottoman table and you will be set to go for hours in the sun. Purchase at



This CC Outdoor Living 4 Piece Black Resin Set is awesome. I think it has a great and inviting look to it, and the glass top table makes for easy cleanup after a wild and crazy night. If you have those often, this is a good way to go. I think this is my favorite of the bunch. It can be purchased at Linens -n- Things.

What do you do when you have patio furniture that does not require cushions? When you just want to update the look of your current set with a fresh color? Or if you really want a new patio set but just can’t fit it in the budget right now? The best thing, in my (ok, my wifes) opinion is to add in a new “splash” of color, like this pillow set from the Pillow Perfect Outdoor Hockley Collection. These can be purchased from Outdoor Living Showroom and will instantly freshen up your existing patio set.

Be sure to stay tuned for my next color in the patio furniture series.

Interested in the patio furniture series? Follow this link to see RED.


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