Egg/Nest Chairs.


Have you seen a picture going around on the internet of a really neat looking egg chair?

My wife saw it and immediately wanted one because she loved the crocheted, lace-like look of it. However, when we searched further, we found it was only available in Australia or Switzerland or something – not for purchase in the USA. Seeing how bummed she was, I decided to search for something similar that is available for purchase here in the US.

Here are some options that I found:

Maia Outdoor Swing.

Hanging Rattan Chair.

Urban Balance Curve Hanging Chair.

Euro Swing 902.

Ceri Vibrant Outdoor Swing Chair.



Bertone Soft Touch Cozy Egg Shape Swing Chair Y9063.

Nest Chairs, also called Egg or Swing Chairs are a great design element to add to your yard or even a great addition to add to a college dorm room or your den. These chairs not only look awesome, but are also extremely comfortable (go check out your local furniture or patio store to try one) and make for a great relaxing chair with a good book.

Buyer beware: you may have to compete with your dog to sit in this seat.


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