How to Carve a Pumpkin.


When the kids were younger, we carved pumpkins every year.

I helped them gut all the nasty insides while my wife took pictures. Then we watched as they each carved out those triangle eyes and jagged teeth. Oh, the good old days.

These days, it almost seems pathetic if you go with the traditional triangle-eyed pumpkin. I guess it just isn’t scary enough for the younger generations. There are some pretty crazy ideas out there that are bound to scare people much more than the old days. While I do miss the old school look, I have to say I am very impressed with the ways pumpkin carving has turned into a real form of art! Whether you go with an extremely scary look or just drill a bunch of holes into it, pumpkins are a great way to make your front porch festive for the Halloween.



I don’t have a lot of artistic ability, but this makes me wish I did. This pumpkin is probably one of the most impressive I have ever seen as it looks so realistic. I bet those neighbor kids would get the crap scared out of them with this guy – and isn’t that the point of the holiday?


For those of you not in to the gutting and carving, this one is for you! My wife would probably die of embarrassment if I put this in our yard.


Oh, the good old college days. This would make for an awesome bachelor doorstep. Parents would be proud (or jealous) as they bring their kids to your door!


For those of you with the patience and abilities of Marth Stewart. My wife is going to attempt a similar look for our front porch. We’ll see how it turns out. She likes how the white pumpkins “make it lacey looking”.

This is a basic idea that looks awesome and outdoorsy. A great idea if you are looking for something that doesn’t require gutting the insides, but still gives you a more festive look and shows you put in more effort than just a plain pumpkin on your porch.

Now be prepared for the last one – I had to save my favorite for last. They call this one the PUMPKIN PIE MAKER. You have no idea how long I laughed when I saw this. If I were you, I would think about eating pumpkin pie this season…

Just awesome.


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