How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Raccoons.


Funny story happened last week:

The family and I heard a bunch of commotion at our neighbors house… neighbors we don’t usually hear a peep out of. There was yelling, banging, the hedge between our house and theirs was rustling loudly, and their dog was barking loudly.

Of course, hearing all this noise made me run out of the house to see what was going on, as this quite family was suddenly frantic about something! Much to my surprise, their dog was actually UP IN THE HEDGES! These hedges are tall – a good 4 feet taller than myself, I would say they stand at 10 feet or so.


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As it turns out, a raccoon had come into their yard causing the dog to become riled up. They opened their sliding patio door to let the dog explore when it chased the raccoon up into the hedges before anyone could figure out what was happening. Because dogs dont normally climb up like that, or none that I have ever seen, the poor guy was stuck! We had to help the 60 pound dog down.

It wasn’t for 20 more minutes, after things started to calm down, that the raccoon finally came out of hiding from somewhere at the top of the hedges. Then we watched as he scurried off.

For the last 3 or 4 nights, the raccoon has come in to MY yard, bothering the outdoor cats, eating their food, and getting in to my blackberry bush. This guy is really out to cause some damage, so I finally decided to find ways to get rid of him.

First and foremost, I made sure our trash bins and compost piles were sealed tightly. Then I moved my potted blackberry bush to a less accessible location (though how good could I do when he can climb a 10 foot hedge??). I have also been bringing in any leftover cat food so he has nothing to munch on.

I thought about making or buying a non-kill animal trap and transporting it to the hills a mile or so away from our house, but apparently in many states it is actually illegal to trap animals like this…I never knew this, but then again we have never dealt with such a large pest before!

The craziest thing I heard is that a raccoon starts to associate your home as a regular food source, it will start to fully expect food to be there. Meaning – if you go out of town for a couple days, there is a chance the little sucker will rip your window screen off and help himself to the contents of your pantry or fridge. Thats right. These are some smart animals we are dealing with, so it is best to scare them off rather than feed them.

We’ll see how these methods above work out, otherwise I am going to have to hire a service to come pick him up for me. I am not about to get involved with raccoon bites, rabies, etc. If you need more information on getting rid of raccoons from your home or yard, be sure to call up your local animal control, or check out more tips at


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